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    I am very satisfied with your hot plate welding machine. Since we received the production of your equipment for more than a year, your equipment is running very well and the welding effect is perfect. We will consider buying another piece of your equipment when the company overstated production. I wish you a prosperous business.
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    Beautiful machine with very good performance in welding. We hope we can distribute your welding machine in Serbia. Wish we would have good cooperation.
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    Hi, Jack, the performance of your pallet welding equipment is so perfect. Thank you for your good cooperation and best service.
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Adjustable Hot Plate Welding Machine Single / Continuous Mode 0-50V White

Place of Origin China
Brand Name BOYI

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Product Details
Welding Plate Width 50-200mm Welding Mode Single/Continuous
Welding Thickness 0.2-2mm Welding Plate Length 50-200mm
Welding Pressure Adjustable Welding Voltage 0-50V
Color White Power Supply Electric
High Light

Continuous Hot Plate Welding Machine


0-50V Hot Plate Welding Machine


Continuous Mode Hot Plate Welding Machine

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Product Description

Product Description:

The Hot Plate Welding Plastic product is an indispensable tool engineered to meet the ever-increasing demands of the manufacturing sector, particularly in the realm of plastic fabrication and assembly. Offering a robust electric power supply, this sophisticated equipment is designed to deliver high-quality spot welding performances. With a variable welding plate width ranging from 50 to 200mm, and a welding width that can stretch between 50 to 500mm, it is versatile enough to handle a wide variety of welding tasks. The hot plate welding machine comes equipped with an adjustable welding pressure system, allowing operators to tailor the welding conditions to the specific needs of the materials being joined.

One of the most compelling features of this hot plate welding machine is its capability to execute precise and clean welds, which is vital for manufacturing auto parts. Auto part welding demands a level of accuracy that can only be provided by specialized equipment like this, ensuring that each component meets stringent quality standards. The heat is applied consistently and uniformly, which not only enhances the strength of the weld but also maintains the integrity of the plastic components, avoiding warping or other forms of deformation.

The electric power supply of the hot plate welding plastic product ensures a reliable and steady source of energy, crucial for maintaining the consistency of the welding process. This consistent energy flow is key to achieving uniform spot welds time after time. The electric nature of the device also contributes to its eco-friendliness, reducing the carbon footprint associated with the manufacturing process, an increasingly important factor in modern production environments.

This hot plate welding machine is adept at handling a range of plastic materials, making it an excellent choice for auto plastic welding applications. Whether it's welding large panels or intricate components, the adjustable settings provide the flexibility needed to work with different shapes and sizes. The machine’s adjustable pressure system allows the operator to set the optimal force necessary for the specific plastic material in use, preventing damage while ensuring a strong bond is formed during the welding process.

The construction of the machine prioritizes ease of use and safety. Operators are able to adjust the welding parameters with ease, leading to a user-friendly experience that doesn't compromise on the quality or efficiency of the welding process. The machine also incorporates safety features to protect the operator from potential hazards associated with the welding process, such as heat and fumes.

Maintenance of the hot plate welding machine is straightforward, with easily accessible components, which reduces downtime and ensures the machine can operate at peak efficiency. The robust design of the machine means it is built to last, minimizing the frequency of repairs and replacements, and making it a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to invest in reliable welding equipment.

Overall, the Hot Plate Welding Plastic product stands out as a superior tool for anyone engaged in the fabrication of plastic parts, especially in the automotive industry. It combines precision, power, and versatility, with an environmentally conscious design, to provide an exceptional welding solution. The adjustable features and the comprehensive safety measures make it ideal for a wide range of welding applications, ensuring that it is not only a practical choice for today's auto part welding needs but also a sustainable investment for the future of manufacturing.


  • Product Name: Hot Plate Welding Plastic
  • Welding Width: 50-500mm
  • Welding Plate Width: 50-200mm
  • Welding Frequency: 0-100Hz
  • Dimension: 2000*1200*1400mm
  • Welding Type: Spot Welding
  • Designed for auto plastic welding applications
  • Highly efficient welding device for thermoplastics
  • Robust welding device ensuring strong welds

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Specification
Power Supply Electric
Welding Pressure Adjustable
Cooling System Water Cooling
Color White
Dimension 2000*1200*1400mm
Welding Voltage 0-50V
Welding Plate Length 50-200mm
Welding Width 50-500mm
Welding Thickness 0.2-2mm
Welding Frequency 0-100Hz


The BOYI hot plate welding machine, originating from China, is an essential tool in various industrial and manufacturing settings due to its versatility in joining plastic components. This advanced welding equipment operates within a voltage range of 0-50V and is designed to handle a welding plate length and width of 50-200mm, as well as a welding thickness range of 0.2-2mm. The electric heating method ensures consistent and reliable heat distribution for effective welding.

One of the primary application occasions for the BOYI hot plate welding product is in the auto industry, specifically for auto plastic welding. This process is critical in the production of high-quality, durable plastic parts for vehicles. Manufacturers can use the BOYI welder to seamlessly join complex contours and shapes, ensuring airtight and watertight seals in components such as fuel tanks, tail light assemblies, and fluid reservoirs. The precision and control offered by the BOYI hot plate welder make it an indispensable tool in the production of these vital auto parts.

Additionally, the BOYI hot plate welding machine is highly suitable for scenarios that require the fusion of larger and more robust plastic parts. The equipment's capacity to accommodate a substantial range of plate sizes and thicknesses makes it the go-to device for creating strong bonds in parts such as industrial containers, storage bins, and large automotive components. It is especially valuable in auto part welding, where the integrity of each welded joint is paramount for the safety and performance of the vehicle.

Beyond automotive applications, the BOYI hot plate welder proves its worth in the fabrication of various plastic products. It can be effectively utilized in the construction of medical devices, where sterile and leak-proof seams are necessary. The device's precise heat control and consistent plate temperature ensure that even the most sensitive of materials can be welded without compromising their structural integrity or functionality.

In conclusion, the BOYI hot plate welding machine is an outstanding solution for numerous welding scenarios, particularly in the realm of auto plastic welding and auto part welding. Its excellent adaptability to different sizes and thicknesses, combined with the efficient electric heating system, makes it a valuable asset for producing strong and durable welded joints in a multitude of plastic products across various industries.


Brand Name: BOYI

Place of Origin: China

Welding Frequency: 0-100Hz

Welding Plate Width: 50-200mm

Cooling System: Water Cooling

Welding Mode: Single/Continuous

Welding Temperature: 0-400℃

Discover the precision of the BOYI hot plate welding machine, engineered for excellence in auto part welding . Designed and manufactured in China, this machine operates at a welding frequency of 0-100Hz, accommodating a welding plate width ranging from 50 to 200mm. The advanced water cooling system ensures optimal performance during extensive Car center console welding tasks. Whether you require single or continuous welding modes, our machine can adapt to your specific needs, maintaining a welding temperature of up to 400℃ for superior hot plate welding results.

Support and Services:

The Hot Plate Welding Plastic product offers comprehensive technical support and services to ensure maximum uptime and optimal performance. Our support includes access to a library of resources for troubleshooting, maintenance tips, and best practice guidelines for operating the equipment. We provide regular software updates and enhancements to improve product functionality and extend its life.

Our team of experienced technicians is available to provide remote assistance for diagnosing and resolving any issues you may encounter with your Hot Plate Welding Plastic product. We can guide you through step-by-step solutions or, if necessary, arrange for on-site support to address more complex problems.

Additionally, we offer a range of services including preventative maintenance checks, calibration, and training sessions to help your staff become proficient in using the equipment. We are dedicated to ensuring your Hot Plate Welding Plastic product operates at peak efficiency and supports your production needs effectively.

Packing and Shipping:

Our Hot Plate Welding Plastic product is carefully packaged to ensure its safe arrival at your doorstep. Each unit is encased in a protective, impact-resistant plastic wrap that guards against scratches and damage during transit. The wrapped product is then placed into a sturdy, corrugated cardboard box, which is sealed and reinforced to withstand the rigors of shipping.

To maintain the integrity of the product, we include ample cushioning materials inside the box to prevent movement and absorb any shock that might occur. Before sealing the package, we conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that all components are included and that the welding plastic is in perfect condition.

Our shipping labels are clearly printed with your delivery information and a barcode for efficient tracking. We choose reliable shipping carriers to handle your package with care, providing you with a tracking number so you can monitor your shipment's progress until it reaches you.

Please note that upon receiving your Hot Plate Welding Plastic product, it is important to carefully unpack the item, inspect it for any signs of damage, and verify that all components are present. In the unlikely event of a shipping issue, please contact our customer service team immediately for assistance.


Q1: What materials can be welded using the BOYI Hot Plate Welding Plastic machine?

A1: The BOYI Hot Plate Welding Plastic machine is suitable for welding a wide range of thermoplastic materials, including but not limited to polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), nylon, ABS, and polycarbonate. It is ideal for applications requiring strong, watertight, and airtight welds.

Q2: Can the BOYI Hot Plate Welding Plastic machine handle complex weld shapes?

A2: Yes, the BOYI Hot Plate Welding Plastic machine is designed to accommodate complex weld shapes. The precise temperature control and programmable welding cycles make it versatile for various welding configurations and part geometries.

Q3: What is the maximum welding area that the BOYI Hot Plate Welding Plastic machine can handle?

A3: The maximum welding area depends on the specific model of the BOYI Hot Plate Welding machine you have. BOYI offers different models to cater to various sizes and requirements. Please refer to the product specifications for the exact dimensions or contact our sales team for more information.

Q4: Is the BOYI Hot Plate Welding Plastic machine user-friendly for operators?

A4: Yes, the BOYI Hot Plate Welding Plastic machine is designed with the operator in mind. It features an intuitive control panel, easy-to-read displays, and programmable welding cycles, which simplify the welding process and ensure consistent results.

Q5: How can I ensure consistent welding results with the BOYI Hot Plate Welding Plastic machine?

A5: To ensure consistent welding results, regularly maintain the machine by following the recommended maintenance schedule, use the correct welding parameters for the materials being welded, and train operators on the proper use of the machine. The BOYI machine's precise temperature control and programmable cycles also contribute to repeatable welding quality.